Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Good news: My computer isn't dead...it will make a full recovery after it's "brain" transplant. I needed a new hard drive, and thankfully, a friend here had an extra and sold it to me for $20! I was very excited. Right now we call it the $1,200 typewriter. All I can do is type a word document on it. It will be fixed completely later this week...I'll be thankful to have it back!
So here's what I have been doing since last wednesday:

Thursday was a good day. We had classes, work day ( I got to clean the Cirone house! ) and then we had "family night." Our small groups got together and had dessert, played games, talked, etc. It was really a good time, bonding with my new "family."
Friday was also a nice day! Instead of having afternoon classes on campus, we went to St. Malo's Catholic church, and held class there. It is beautiful! It is a stone church, built on a rock. It's amazing. The Pople spoke there a couple years ago. Friday night Laura, Joel and I went into Boulder and hung out on Pearl street. It's so empty on the weekends! Most people are in the bars, so the stores were very empty. We sat in Borders for a good 2 hours, just reading and looking at picture books. It was really enjoyable!
Saturday I was picked up by Joel and Cakes, and we did homework form 9-5! It was INSANE, but I don't have any work due for a month or so. It's wonderful! Saturday night we went to the Brewhaus and played pool and fooseball. We came back to the Chalet and made a couple cakes. The one we named vomit cake, because it looked like it threw up. It was very good though.
Sunday I did the usualL: church, movie, youth group...that whole thing. Sunday night we just hung out in the Chalet eating amazing shaved ice. Laura bought a shaved ice maker 2 weeks ago, and we eat them EVERY night. It is SO good. Most people drink hot chocolate or tea in the chalet...not us, we go for the snow cones.
Monday was a long day. I woke up bright and early to go to the gym, but someone forgot to set his alarm, and left us standing in the cold waiting for him to pick us up! Haha, it was nice to be able to go back to bed. I sat in Starbucks all day with Cakes and Joel. One of the employees, Derek, is halarious. He harrasses ALL the customers, especially us Ravencresters. He'll bring me my drink and say "here, want this?" then when i go to reach for it he'll go put it back on the counter. He's a funny guy. He has an amazing talent though! Ask him to say a sentence backwards, and he can spit it out immediately. Its incredible. Starbucks backwards is skcubrats. Haha.
Today I spent the afternoon at the Laundromat with Joel and Laura, the went to Kind Coffee with Joel. It wasn't the most productive day, but enjoyable nonetheless.
So thats what I have been doing lately. Im exhausted! Goodnight y'all!

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