Friday, February 03, 2006

You know it's going to be a good day...

You know it's going to be a good day when Gerald (the grumpy, moody, never smiles, tells me I'm going to be fat because I eat chocolate, 40 year old German student) told me that I looked good this morning. Gerald? A compliment? My roommates were caught off guard just as much as I was. When I just stared blankly at him in response, he repeated himself, telling me I looked "Very nice today, did you do something different?" It made my day!
I'm sitting at Kind Coffee right now. I wish I could say I was on my OWN computer, but we're still working on it (And by "we" I mean my technology gifted friend...). I am thankful that they know what they are doing, it is saving me a ton of money!
Tonight I am going to hang out with the guys in room 7. My roommates and I are all going over to their adoptive family's home to watch movies or something. Room 7 guys are crazy, and they stole our couch, so we're a little bitter about it. I came back one afternoon and our couch was missing! I asked my roommates what happened, and this is how it played out:
Stephanie recieved a phone call from Jon, asking her if we had a couch. Steph said "yes." And that was the end of their conversation. A little while later, Jon called back telling Steph he talked to Katie (domestics girl) and she told the guys they could have our couch-because we apparently gave Jon "permission." Steph didn't know what to say, so when the guys showed up she offered them our love seat, rather than the couch. That simply would not do! So they demanded our big couch and my roommates couldnt handle the pressure. So sadly, they stole it, with the help of the principal! The staff was under the impression that Katie and my roommates had given the guys permission...when they manipulated us! It's a sore subject...

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