Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What a day!

Me cleaning the kitchen at the Old Stone Church
Kayti posing for a picture with Adam in the background....

Joel and Adam putting up a wall Kayti (from Texas) in her first big snow!

It has been one of those days again...

I had a wonderful morning! No morning duty, class flew by...then I started feeling sick. Being sick isn't always so bad, because I get a lot of sleep. However, nothing has gone right since I woke up from my nap. I went to the gym with Kayti, and as I reached into my gym bag to grab my gym pass, I sliced the top of my finger off with my RAZOR. I dripped blood for like the next hour! It hurts so bad! The funny part was when I stuck the NEW razor in my bag, I told myself to remember it was in there so I wouldn't cut myself!
This next part is funny-I know some of you will really laugh (Jen...) because you know me all too well. So after the gym, I went into the B&B gas station, still nursing my wound. I came out and Joel pulled the jeep up to where I was walking from. As I walked up to the jeep, I tripped over my pants. In an effort to save my finger, I fell right onto my knees, face first into the side of the jeep. When I looked up I saw Kayti with her hand over her mouth, shocked! I got in the jeep and they both were so speechless! When I said I was alright and started laughing saying how terrible the afternoon had been, then they all laughed for a while too. Joel thought he hit me with his jeep, but wasn't quite sure how he could have. It was so embarassing, but unbelievably funny. My day just wasn't going well at all.

At least I had a couple hours of homework to keep me off my feet for a while...yuck. I'm so glad this week is almost over and that I'll be home in 48 hours!


Anonymous said...

kelly- you know me. I laughed out loud!! It sounds like something either of us would do! have a great day. I look forward to seeing you next week :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly! I definitely laughed out loud too... completely can relate to that one :)! I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!!
~Linnea (from WI!)