Thursday, May 04, 2006


So last night I was a little late for curfew...and by a little I mean an hour and a half. I was hanging out with a friend, and we lost track of time. It was 11:00 (curfew) when we finally looked at the clock. Whether I'm 1 minute late or 2 hours, I get the same number of points, so knowing we would be late we decided to just finish our conversation. I crept in REALLY quietly, hoping that nobody would notice I was late. Thankfully, everyone was out cold, and I got to bed without anyone waking up. My friend, however, was not as lucky. Haha. He went into his room, thinking everyone was asleep. He crawled up onto his top bunk, and as soon as he hit the mattress, it fell through onto Andy below! They had taken out the board from beneath the mattress, so when he sat on it, it fell right through! Two of them had waited up for him, even Andy Cakes who is out as soon as he hits the pillow. I heard about all this in the morning, and when I heard Cakes was awake when it all happened, I said "Cakes? YOU WERE AWAKE?" And Jesse boy turned to me and yelled, "yeah! and you know why that's surprising.... because YOU KNEW WHAT TIME IT WAS!" they all know we were late. Could the guys have chosen a better night to pull that prank? oooooops.

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