Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Life at the 'Crest

The Many Faces of Ravencrest Students...

Super Hero Day
"Arnold" aka Gerfreid...a real Austrian with a great impression of Arnold
"George W" aka Joel...with a gut and everything
"Laura Bush" aka Jesse BOY
"Saddam" aka Andy Cakes

I don't really know what these two were up to in Safeway...they just look like old men
80's day...gross short shorts and greasy hair! Matthew, Jon, Jeff and Kenny
Where we spend our free time... STARBUCKS!

Adam walked into Starbucks with a table umbrella over his shoulder and told Derek (employee) "Here Derek, I found this outside." ...and proceeded to set it up INSIDE

While Adam was busy counting to see if it really was 186 steps from Starbucks to Kind Coffee, Joel put his bag across the Big Thompson River. Adam found it pretty fast...

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