Thursday, May 04, 2006

Party Pooper Award

Tonight we had a joke award ceremony. We filled out sheets last week, voting for "best smile," "Most Texan," "Most Likely to Become President," and tons of other topics. Tonight was the award ceremony for each of the different titles. The last one was the "party pooper" award. The plan was to have the entire class vote on the spot, for a class party pooper. However, without anyone knowing, Stephanie ( my roommate who was doing the announcing) decided to select ME as the winner of this award! I am the official "Party Pooper" of Ravencrest apparently. Haha. My award was fake poop! A lot of people came up to me afterwards saying things like "you're not a party pooper!" Thank goodness. I heard the whole story afterwards. I guess they found fake poop at the store and decided to make another award, one that the class would choose on the actual night. I wasn't supposed to be the party pooper-but thanks to Steph...I am! Haha...weird.

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