Monday, May 08, 2006

Only 1 more Starbucks Monday!

I just got back up to campus and realized that I only have one more "Starbucks Monday!" Although lately, we really haven't spent much time in Starbucks. Today I walked all around town! We found a small hidden coffee shop-I don't think anyone from school knows about it! It has free wireless and everything. Too bad we won't be here to enjoy it! We almost got stuck in the rain, so we ran back to Starbucks. The rain finally let up, so we walked down to the glass blowing shop. I bought a beautiful ornament. The shop is so awesome! It is packed full of anything and everything glass, in every color. We watched the guy make a hummingbird feeder. It was pretty sweet. Of course, with the crazy Colorado weather, we got stuck in a downpour the whole way back to Starbucks. Haha. It was quite a wet day. Now I'm going to go get cozy in my bed and warm up.

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