Thursday, December 13, 2007

Catching Jack Rabbits

We had a friend over for dinner last night, who recently spent a month in Idaho (or Utah, I can't remember) hunting. He went out with a few guys, lived under a tarp, and showered in hot springs...all that manly stuff. We got to see all sorts of pictures of what they caught-bears, elk, deer...and my personal favorite, jack rabbits! (Correction: I get laughed at when I say "caught." They SHOT bears, elk and deer, but I AM correct when I say they "caught" jack rabbits). Get this:
Their brilliant idea was to catch a few jack rabbits and bring them back to PA, breed them with cotton tails and create a new, crazy, breed of rabbit here. So in the paper when articles would come out saying how destructive or how annoying this rabbit is, they could say "I made that breed!" A proud moment indeed.
How might one catch a jack rabbit you may ask? Well their solution was to duct tape fishing net to a pole, buy a 12 pack of beer, and go driving through the desert in the middle of the night, shining a deer spotting light and "scooping up," jack rabbits.
So they were out driving on random public land, drinking (smart huh?), and catching rabbits with nets, when a car drove past. They quickly shut off their headlights and waited for the car to pass. Unfortunately, the car flipped into reverse and turned on their flashing lights! You can imagine what went through the guys minds. The cops pulled up and all jumped out with their guns aimed at the guys chests! Turns out it was the game warden, and they thought the guys were poachers.
So picture the cops jumping out of their cars, spotlight shining on them with guns aimed at their chest. Now picture the guys caught in the headlights, one holding a big light, and one holding a big net. Oh yeah, and don't forget the 12 empty beer cans in the back seat.
The warden came over and asked what they were doing (I wonder if they made him drop the net?) and searched the car. Our friend explained that they were trying to catch Jack Rabbits. The warden asked how much they had to drink, and our friend said, "All the empty cans are right there!" He figured it wasn't worth lying about. The warden then told them they were free to carry on catching the rabbits, and asked if they had ever heard of a snipe hunt. When the guys laughed and said yes, the warden replied, "Because that's what I think you're on!"
So apparently all they care about is if you are poaching. You can drink, drive, and catch jack rabbits at night without getting arrested in Idaho. I'm pretty sure nobody would get away with that here!
Side note: Unfortunately none of the jack rabbits made it back to PA. They all died (probably from little heard attacks) in a cage while ridding in the horse trailer back home. So don't expect to see that crazy breed around here anytime soon.

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