Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was given some money this year for Christmas, and decided I should buy picture frames. Not small ones for on tables, but a few nice frames for on the walls of our house. Yes, this photographer is in need of actually hanging a few of our pictures on the wall. I found a few classic, large matted frames that I really like, for our upstairs hall.

Having a husband who can't handle when I just take a hammer and nails to the walls, he measured the distance in between each frame and made sure they were all level. Looks pretty good too, I might add, much better (and straighter) than if I just went at it.

Now is the tricky part though...actually deciding on what to hang in these blank frames! I'm determined to not go another week staring at the blank frames. I was sorting through a few of our images on the computer, but all of my "nice" portraits of Ella seem to already be outdated! I can't believe how fast kids grow. I may have to settle on one until I do another little photo session with my kiddos. Maybe I should do that soon and try some new ideas I have. Hmmm....sounds like a fun activity. Anyway...

My kids are in the bath tub while Joel supervises. What a treat to sit on here and write while my kids are being cared for.

I dislike bath time. I hate sitting in a smelly bathroom and being splashed with water. I know both are preventable, but it's the kids bathroom and I'm potty training a little boy...I can only clean so much. Plus no matter how many times you say, "Don't splash," it seems like every fun bath activity creates messes...and I think it's a fun part of being a little kid in a big bath tub.

I'm feeling encouraged today. The doctor recommended that I try Dramamine to ease my morning sickness and it's working!! I'm still a bit queasy, but I can eat food again! Praise God. I feel like a new person!

I actually cooked dinner tonight. During my first trimester. What!? Just by that simple act alone, Joel knew I was feeling better. I usually can't handle food. The smell of it, the taste of it, the texture of it....I can't handle cooking it, looking at it, or the thought of even putting it near by mouth. I honestly have dreamed about pills that are actually dehydrated food that fill up your stomach and give you nutrition but you swallow it whole. No chewing. No taste.

I'm hoping these meds work. I usually find something that works for a while but then it wears off. I'm hoping this sticks, because I'm so happy to be able to do things! I went grocery shopping today, and watching a lady scarf down a piece of roast beef from the deli, without her hands, I might add, while she shopped, (nasty no matter if you're pregnant or not) didn't make my stomach turn one bit.

Which shows something is working in my favor! I am blessed and encouraged by two full days without being sick!

Well, bath time is over now so I better go help out. Elijah is still my momma's boy, and wants me to do it for him.

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