Friday, September 14, 2012

My Baby

I was watching tv the other day, when an advertisement for some kind of baby product came on. The sappy line was something like, 

"Your have a child forever, but a baby for only 1 year. "

What!? My sweet little Jude isn't a baby anymore? He is too a baby! It's not possible for my youngest to be toddler, is it? My how fast time flies...

I find myself wanting to capture "moments" lately. Simple things. Like the pictures below of Jude eating. Or of a silly things they do; Ella subconsciously pulling her shirt up to her neck when she has to go to the bathroom, Elijah standing on his head while he watches a movie, sprinkles in their cheerios, Jude's love for the kitty, the way Ella crinkles her nose when you've caught her doing something she's a bit embarrassed by, a peaceful morning snuggle from my Jude bug, how Elijah must stand on a stool to pee because he's scared there's a stink bug in the toilet...the list could go on and on. 

While I feel sad that my tiny baby isn't so little anymore, I am finding so much joy in watching them grow up and seeing their little personalities come out. Jude is such a snuggler. He loves music, and recently I caught him dancing to music playing in the kitchen. He is such a joyful baby!

I look forward to playing with my kids and interacting with them as they grow, and I try to soak up all these small moments with them. I'm excited for them to grow...just don't do it too fast, my loves, alright?

(The second picture below shows the little twinkle in Jude's eye. I just love it.)




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Grandma Biwer said...

That apple is almost as big as his head! LOL