Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Ahh October. Quite possibly my favorite month of the year. A refreshing month of cool weather after a summer with the ac units buzzing and the stickiness that comes along with a humid climate. 

Open windows, long mornings at the park, crisp evenings and sweaters...

...and school. Ah, yes, school. Even though it's only preschool, it seems as though it added so much to my daily "to do" list. We are still learning how to juggle getting Elijah out the door and how to spend our time while he is away. 

Ella loves having a quiet morning with out her chatty brother. Elijah is an extremely talkative, energetic four year old, who tends to talk over Ella 

We're working on it. 

But while Elijah is at school, Ella takes the stage. Her vocabulary has doubled (maybe tripled!) since her brother began school. She talks my ear off now, and am loving hearing her own little personality, her choices, her [strong] opinions...even her favorite song requests in the car.

I have to be careful with how we spend our mornings. She can be a little couch potato if I let her, zoning into a movie for an hour without getting up. It's an easy temptation for me, since when a movie isn't on, she gets into everything.

I now have two kids getting into everything these days. Jude is everywhere. He loves to pull everything out of the bottom cabinets, climb onto the dining table and hang from the chandelier (not joking), hang from the curtains in the living room. 

This kid keeps me hopping.

"We just bought a mini van," says the mom who always said she would never drive one.

But we did.

And I love it. 

Seriously, if you ever told me I would be driving a mini van and actually enjoying it, I would have thought you were crazy.

But it's roomy. My kids can climb in and out (and argue over who shuts the doors), and since we bought the van from friends who moved out of country, it came stocked with dozens of kids cd's.

It's exciting looking in the rear view mirror into the back and seeing the empty seats. Empty seats that will soon be filled by future foster kids.

We are taking the van on it's first road trip this weekend. Well, first as "ours." We took it to visit my parents once, but we'll pretend it's the first. 

We are off to Indiana. My brother is getting married!! As the big sister of two brothers, I am not only excited for Andy & Abby to start their life together, but selfishly, I am happy to add a sister to my family. 

I'm excited for a busy weekend of nail appointments, rehearsals, swimming, jumping on hotel beds (the kids, of course), yummy food, family, and celebrating a marriage!

I better get packing...can't wait. 


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